Should every page in your magazine earn you money?

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In an ideal world yes but there has to be a balance of content over advertising for your readers to normally engage with your magazine.

It is recognised to have a balance of 60/40 in favour of the advertising to make a healthy profit and keep your readers coming back for more and engaging with the advertisements. Have thought about ways to get pages to earn some money? What about different sized adverts or advertorial. You are in control remember the size of the advert can work around your content. It may even benefit the potential advertiser If the article next to the advert relates to or pushes certain related buttons.

Advertorial can be profitable for your magazine content. Don’t think of it as selling out, you are in control of the advertiser and to have a regular piece from a professional body I.e. Solicitor, accountant or maybe a gym can often compliment your magazine.

Don’t undersell your centre pages either. They are prime real estate and if your magazine is saddle stitched there will be some spring to the pages that naturally leads to the centre spread. Thought about getting a local takeaway to put their menu in there? It will be cheaper for them to buy advertising in your magazine over printing thousands of leaflets and targeting the same doors that your drop your magazine in.

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