Magazine Proofing

Magazine Proofing

How do you like yours?

With access to the best technologies and the best pre press minds in the industry, we are able to proof your magazine artwork how you want to see it to get it approved ready to print.

  • PDF Proofs
  • eBook proofs with secure comments for artwork changes
  • Printed colour accurate proofs
  • Proof Reading

How are proofs produced? Proofs are an essential part of our workflow.  You may see them as time wasting but actually the proofing process is very different to you submitting your files to us.  Once you submit your artwork files we run them through our raster image processor (RIP) this flattens your images, converts your fonts/text to an image and converts colours to the right colour formats usually (FOGRA39).  Once this process is completed another file is produced.  This is the electronic proof file you will receive from us.

How you want to view that magazine proof file is up to you.  We can securely put it online for multiple people to view and approve, we can send you a pdf file on email for approval by return or we can print our a colour accurate version of the proof files to be sent in the post (charges may apply).

Anything is possible.  With all the tools we make sure a human eye is passed over your artwork regardless of timing and speed to just give a final view before printing to give you the best results possible.

Proof Reading
Our copywriters are there to help you write articles and content for your magazines but they are also there to help proofread your magazine from cover to cover.  Talk to us about your audience and language and we will help you get your message across.

Want to know more about our proofing processes?  Why not pick up the phone today or fill in one of our enquiry forms, we would love to hear from you.