Digital Magazine Printing

Digital Magazine Printing

Digital printing I’m sure you have heard of by now.  Printing your magazine digitally by any printers standards is good for economically for runs of under 500-1000 magazines depending on your number of pages you want to produce.

The reasons behind this are all simple, it’s all in the setup of the magazine to the press.  Your magazine artwork can be queued up as a job for the digital printer to produce on the fly by passing the artwork through the raster image processor (RIP) this will make your magazine artwork ‘print ready’ for that specific press and the press will start producing sheets with toner on are you would expect.

Our digital printing processes are great at producing all types of magazines including:

  • A4 magazines
  • Parish newsletters/magazines
  • A5 Magazines
  • Community Magazines
  • Lifestyle Magazines
  • One off proof copies
  • Short run magazines
  • Event programmes

But you already knew that right? Why should you care? Well the digital printing process although quick for turnarounds and no drying time is not an exact science as with all printing processes, the quality is not as pin sharp as litho printing and there is movement on the sheet (Normally 1mm ish) as the toner is applied so be careful of your artwork being too close to the edges.

The end result is good. Do not worry. The latest digital printers are exceptionally good at colour reproduction and are able to produce your magazine well enough that to the untrained eye no-one is any the wiser.  The simple fact is your magazine will look great and will be printed with the same care and attention of any other printing process.

Want to know more about digital magazine printing processes and how to save on production time for your publication? Why not call us today or fill in one of our enquiry forms, we would love to hear from you.