Have you got your Magazine Printing process down?

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Submitting your files to us or any printer should be a weight off your shoulders but do you actually know how good your artworking files are and will they produce the printing results you are after?  If your artworking skills are not up to speed you may actually be charged more for your magazine printing as the pre-press processes.  It’s during this process that your proofs are produced and all the artwork errors are exposed, but does your existing printer communicate to you about those errors and or try to help you fix them?

If the correct pre press (before printing) processes are setup and established correctly the flags for colour accuracy, image quality, gutter/bleed settings and font usage will be highlighted. But so many printers don’t communicate this process to their customers as they know you are more likely to want a reprint. Controversial and cunning in know.

The solution is simple to save you money communication will eliminate all errors. We try to be proactive with your magazine printing as we seem to unique in our mentality of working with our customers. The amount of jobs we save from certain doom or errors are countless but each time we communicate the errors out we always have a solution. We know what’s better for us. A customer that although may have slight delay on their delivery but will have the print job they expect wins every time.

Don’t forget we offer free artwork MOT’s so you can always just send us what you have, and we can come back with some feedback every time.


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