Is advertising in your Local Community Magazines worthwhile

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Looking at the materials we produce for the local communities across the country it’s interesting to see that the local trades all us the humble Community magazine as an alternative to the now seemly defunct Yellow Pages.  Going back 5-10 years the Yellow pages was the publication to be seen in as business advertising to their locality.  The local community magazine however has grown from what I can see as an advanced version of the parish magazine or community newsletter.

So as an advertiser looking to sell their wares the cost of advertising is peanuts in comparison to the old alternatives and the frequency of advertising is a lot greater.  As we produce dozens of publications a month there are specific trends for magazine that do work and get the most attention and a better following so if you’re an advertiser make sure you check out the following before committing to advertising space.

  1. Circulation or numbers of magazines sent out. Where and when?
  2. How does your magazine get sent out? Is it with other materials?
  3. Does the content of the magazine reflect well on your business?
  4. If you’re a local business after local trade. Do you get one through your door?
  5. Are there any articles in the publication, or is it all adverts? This may put off some people from reading it.
  6. Quality of finished product? Paper stock and finish. Does it look good?
  7. Is the content layout easy to find local services? Especially your advert.
  8. Frequency of production. Do you have timed special offers that suit that publication
  9. Is the publisher and publication established?
  10. Is there a series discount for booking multiple advertisements? If so is there a contracted commitment?

As an advertiser in a local community magazine be aware that there is no set formula for what to say in your advert but generally people look for professionalism over establishment.  You may be even able to offer helpful hints and tips depending on your advert size or even in some editorial the publisher can give y0u.  This alone will show your target audience how well you know your industry and that they should employ you and your businesses services.

The one big thing that all other local advertising mediums do not give is frequency direct through the doors and at a reasonable cost.  Even using the internet and the Pay per click advertising the cost for advertising can be restricted but as there is so much information on a page and the chances of you picking you advert over reading a page in a local established magazine  is smaller.

As a final word we would always recommended you doing some research on the magazine you are looking to advertise with as is just as likely to look like a great deal but you will not get any results and it will be a total waste of time.  The majority of local community magazines are produced by local people serving their community so build a relationship with them and by working with them to build a better publication will help all sides.


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