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Want to inject some new life into your magazine? Maybe you have taken it over and want to make your stamp on it. Have you thought about what is needed for you to get more attention from readers and get more engagement for your advertisers?

Things to think about:
1. Your view of your magazine may not be the same as the readers view.  Have you asked them what information they want from you?

2. Your branding, is it strong enough to be recognised among a pile of other magazines? Would your readers pick it up over others?

3. Does the paper your magazine is printed on reflect or attract the target audience?  Does it compliment your imagery and content?

4. Do you delivery your magazines to the right places? Are there better, more efficient ways to get your message out to your readers?

5. Your online presence.  Do you have an online version of your magazine?  How do you promote it? Do you know how to?

6.  Have you thought about your release timing? Does it co-inside with events, schools terms, festivals, music events and wedding seasons? 


Relevancy to your subject matter is the key you need to get your visual elements right, not only in the design of your magazine but think about the paper stocks you are using. A lot of it comes down to cost but the first impression of your magazine is the front cover, which will entice people to pick it up and flick through the rest of the pages. So in that vein, why not have a play with different paper finishes and silks that will flatten your images but can add a certain class to a publication. A gloss finish will enhance and lift your photos giving your magazine a shine and uncoated pages are becoming more and more fashionable giving your overall look a very flat finish but also a very tactile one.

What about the binding options? Do you have enough pages in your magazine to go perfect bound which will undoubtedly make your publication look more professional and more established.

The simple things are the best though. The colours of your magazine, your logo and the look of the design should reflect and entice your readers. Tastes is very personal and when it comes to design think about your readers and what they would want to see this, which may be very different to your personal taste.

Once printed have look at the online options to help people be aware of your presence. Many are free to use but require a lesson in the skill sets to make them work for your magazine. Always make sure your magazine is online at all times so your readers can find you but it also gives the current and potential advertisers better exposure for their advertisements.

Want some ideas or help? Why not give us a call, we would love to help. Have you seen our publishers’ forum? It’s free to join and speak to publishers, designers, photographers.

Want some ideas or help? Why not give us a call we would love to help. Have you seen our publishers forum? It’s free to join and speak to publishers, designers, photographers.


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