How to organise your magazine content

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Depending on your target audience you need to appeal too, you should always have a balance of tone and relevant information to engage your readers in your magazine.  It is generally recognised that the balance of 60%-40% for readable content vs advertising is acceptable and any more makes the readers not engage as much.  The ideal figure would be closer to 50-50% but sadly your pages need to be paid for.

So where to start. Do you have a page plan visual method? This will help you look and plan where to place advertisements, text and imagery. You could page plan by drawing on a piece of paper, make sure you use pencil as you will need to change your magazine layout as you go. The other option is an electronic one. We have a document that we give away for free to help you, feel free to contact us and we will send it to you.

Once planned think about sizes of imagery vs the amount of text you want to use per article. It’s very to have a text heavy magazine but really it will not be very visually appealing. Worth mentioning that you should think about your magazine in print as well as online. Do both formats work and flow correctly?

Work with your designer to incorporate you magazine brand colours and style. Make sure you use the same font types and sizes in each issue to re-enforce your brand.

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