How to organise your magazine content

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Depending on your target audience you need to appeal too, you should always have a balance of tone and relevant information to engage your readers in your magazine.  It is generally recognised that the balance of 60%-40% for readable content vs advertising is acceptable and any more makes the readers not engage as much.  The ideal figure would be closer to 50-50% but sadly pages need to be paid for. As a magazine production run and artwork setup doesn’t pay for itself.

Getting some structure
Getting all your working files in one place will be your saving grace you can create folders for each page, holding images, text files and reference materials this can be in the cloud for all collaborators, designers, writers and editors to see the latest versions of all. (Talk to us about our free tools)

Setting a deadline that all work towards is imperative and don’t leave it till the day before the big event for delivery as things happen. Give yourself plenty of breathing space. As an editor you’re in control, keep it that way. Your writers and advertisers though decent communication will know when they need to get their copy to you for the designers to start their job, and the designer should know when they need to get proofs signed off in order to meet the print deadline.

Editor = plate spinner and through careful watchful eyes your magazine will be perfect everytime just tell everyone working with you when you want to get it out to your readers and work back from their.



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