Colour Accurate – Magazine Printed Proofs

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Want your Magazine proofs in a physical format but do not want to pay to have the press setup for a wet proof?  We have the solution.  We are able to print out colour accurate proofs using the latest Epson technologies.  Better than a standard electronic PDF proof a colour accurate proof does not rely on the colour accuracy of the monitor the proofs are being viewed on.

Our proofs are calibrated to a FOGRA, ISO 12647 standards and calibrated with our printing presses so you know that your final check of your artwork before signing off will be as close to the final colours as possible.

We will always run the files through our RIP and preflight checks just to make sure your artwork files are calibrated correctly not only for proofing but for printing when you push the print button.

Our couple accurate proofs can be used for a number of reasons, we have produced them for presentations, magazine sign off meetings and purely as a true colour accurate representation of your artwork.

Do you want colour accurate proofs only?  We can print your artwork and ship them to you anywhere you need them next day via our courier.  Contact us directly for a quote.


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