Why other magazine printers are missing a trick

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We are delighted to be printers of some of the best and most colourful magazines in the country, and we even print some international titles. We find we’re winning work on a daily basis not only because of our level of exposure online, but because of the added value we bring to our clients or as we like to call them, ‘partners’.

We are a magazine printing company who understand that we are one of your biggest overheads, and being mindful of your business and by getting to grips with your target audience, we can help you make vital decisions on paper stock choices, quantities to print and how to market towards your target audience both online and offline.

By having such a wide range of tools to help support you as a ‘magazine printer’ our job, as we see it, is more of a partnership to help you print and distribute your magazine or publication to its target audience.  How many other printers offer artwork support and guidance print capabilities to produce all shapes and sizes of publication, mailing fulfilment and the online promotional support? By providing this assistance we help you get your magazine to be seen online and in the right places.  This not only can greatly increase your readership, but will re-enforce your advertisers’ relationships helping them expose their brand and offering to a wider reach.

We see the future of the paper and online mediums becoming a symbiotic relationship as the online version can offer more dynamic content, but the printed version will become more personalised to the reader, effectively sniper rifling them with content they should be interested in.  Online advertising revenue from E-books can equate up to 20-25% additional revenue if executed correctly, which is a great additional boost to any publication. We will continue to invest in the latest innovations to help our customers as we know that without you we have no business.

Don’t think that we offer substandard tools just because they are free to our customers, or that the prices are loaded onto the print costs.  It’s true that all services have to be paid for but we invest in the tools to maintain your business, as it is at the for-front of your reader’s minds ensuring that you get paid by your advertisers and ultimately we get paid too. The door swings both ways.

As you can imagine we are extremely proud of our offerings and tools, so if you would like a quick tour why not drop us a call or fill in an enquiry form and start to find out more.


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