The Art of Marketing your Magazine

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No matter if you are starting a magazine or have an existing magazine. The fact remains that those that market the loudest, get the most attention. So when it comes to your magazine you will generally be reliant on advertisers and sponsorship of pages, sections and events around your business model. Now let’s not get precious about brand and readers at present, what were here to talk about is return of investment for your advertisers. Which lets face it are the reason most of you will be able to keep publishing.

Now we understand there has to be a fine balance to readable content and paid for advertising and this fine balance is recognised to be at anything around the 55% in favour of paid adverts will keep your readers engaged with your articles and will maintain a good throughput for your paid advertisers.

Let’s take a look at your magazine audience, does your average reader relate to or even require the services or products of your reader? Make sure you approach the right advertiser that should get the best chance at talking to your target audiences requirements or desires. Marketing your magazine starts at getting the foundations of your audience happy to pick up your publication whenever they see it to educate themselves on it’s subject matter.

What marketing channels do you use to get your magazine out to your readers?  We would say that you need to categorise your efforts into two camps.  Online and offline marketing especially as your magazine should be printed product and a riveting online read.  Your job is to get as many people reading your magazine as possible so how do you get yourself out there and are you aware of all the marketing channels available to you?

Firstly offline marketing channels, you produce a physical product that people should look forward to picking up and flicking through so how do you make them aware of its presence? What about going to where your readers will hangout or go to buy things.  No matter if you produce a car magazine or a local community magazine your readers will visit, watch events, and go to certain locations to experience their interests local or national so get in front of your readers directly and spread the word.

Do you know how to market you magazine online? There are lots of free channels to get your name and magazine out to the online masses but not all work and some with undoubtedly be most successful than others.  We have learn’t from experience with our eBook tools that readers to our publications seem to average just over three and a half minutes on each book but some hit the dizzy heights of ten minutes.  so regardless your articles and advertisers will see increased readership which helps all sides.  We have learnt to use Twitter which is very real time news and information, Linkedin with its slower news feed seems to attract some readers, Google+ which does bring in traffic from all walks and location and the big one is the almighty Facebook.  This medium alone brings in over 40% of our readers and amazingly mostly from mobile devices, so tablets and mobile phones.  

We see hundreds of magazines and even with the fully paid for content business model your readers will look to you to provide a service within the advertisements as you are effectively endorsing the services and products you put in front of the target audience.

How do you shout about your magazine being alive? Is it free to give away? Is it in a shop to purchase or maybe subscription only? No matter where you can obtain your magazine your readers will need to be attracted by it’s cover as this first impression will entice your reader to delve further into your contents. Think about headlines and imagery that would push your audience.

Want some more ideas or some help on how to get your magazine out to the masses? Just drop us a call or fill in one of our enquiry forms. We would love to hear from you.


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