Magazine Cost Cutting

Knowing full well that the production of your magazine is the largest overhead of your publishing business.  We pride  ourselves on magazine cost cutting and offering alternatives to make sure you get the right look & feel for your readership whilst maintaining profits.

Print Production Magazine Cost Cutting ideas

1. Are your page counts efficient for the presses we produce them on?  we work in sets of 4 and 8 page sets on our printing presses.  Are you finding that you have blank pages or inside covers?  this should be a cardinal sin in the ‘Great Publishing Guide’  as you are missing out on advertising revenue and wasting space that you could be interesting readers in.  Can you fit your page content onto less pages? it may be worth getting some feedback from your readers so you can tailor what content to concentrate on.  You will be surprised at how much cost can be saved by cutting back on unread content in your magazine.

2. Do you need your publication to be full colour throughout? Have you thought about having some black only or single colour sections? the cost of producing a single colour job over a four/full colour version will be an excellent magazine cost saving.

3. Is the physical size of your magazine cost efficient?  there is a reason the A-size scale exists.  We all want to stand out from the competition but if you produce your magazine you will be paying a hefty premium for the privilege, you have to ask yourself ‘Does it make that much of a difference?’  Most magazines we produce are A5, A4 or A3 as these are sizes are produced economically by our presses movement out side of these set sizes means that the magazine printing will need more paper to produce your job on and costing you more production time and money for paper.

4. Getting your artwork right first time.  Do you design your magazine or do you get an external designer or professional to produce the print ready artwork?  Unless you are accomplished with your graphical package and you know your CMYK from your RGB’s or your spreads from your bleed.  Then you need some help! we produce so many jobs that if produced professionally would look so much better and would leave your advertisers happy to return to you.  The flip side of magazine cost cutting regarding your artwork involves your advertisers.  Look at it from their prospective, if your publication looks unprofessional and their advertisement is not printed to the best standard because the artwork was not set out correctly they will not pay or they will not return.

5. Getting your magazine distribution sorted.  No matter if you use a door to door service or you are having them delivered to hub sites to be sent out.  Distribution cost you money, cost cutting maybe negotiating the right rates from your supplier.  Have you thought about getting your advertisers to have a batch of magazines to hand out to their customers? this will not only enhance your publication presence but will cost cut on distribution.

These are just a brief number of ideas to help your magazine costs be as low as possible.  If you would like to talk further about how to save on any element of your magazine then please feel free to drop us a line or fill in the enquiry form below.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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