How do you distribute your magazine? What are your options?

While the idea of publishing and sending to print a magazine maybe a romantic notion.  Getting people to read it is a whole different ball game, the larger publishers of the world will already have links into retail to distribute their magazines nationwide to be picked up off shelves in local supermarkets, newsagents and convenience stores.  But as a smaller entity do you know what your options are and how to go about tackling them?

Door to Door Distribution
This as a distribution method can be the most efficient and cheapest way to get your magazine out to the target areas you need.  With Door to Door distribution you have two main choice to get your magazine out.  The first is to contract a team yourself and manage the output on your terms.  The second is to contract a professional company to work with you.  They both have pitfalls, you should consider if you would mind if your magazine goes out and through doors with other materials like takeaway leaflets.  If you are after a truly ‘solus’ drop then expect to pay for the privilege.  The second thing to consider is the door dropping team themselves, now I’m sure there are a few of you that use friends and relatives to get your magazine out but do you know what they actually do with the publications?  I have seen items that have been thrown into rivers, dumped in bins and no matter how smart the hiding place of your magazines they will be found and generally the local council will come after you for littering! They Royal Mail do offer a door to door service but you will have to ad hear to their rules so your magazine will go out with the post which is a plus but if there is no post in a door your leaflet will not be delivered, you may also be please to see up to seven other items and post with your magazine  So be careful out there.

Royal Mail Post – Subscribers
This is definitely one of the most efficient ways to distribute your magazine with set addresses and secure parcels means that you can manage a database of magazine subscribers no matter where they are.  The only downside is the postage costs, as we all know the recent rise in postage costs has knocked us all and as an industry it has sent massive ripples.  But managed correctly and at sufficient numbers you will be entitled to postage discounts making the Royal Mail option more palatable.

Gaining Local Presence
If you run a local community magazine  then all the options above are at your disposal but make sure you use the community aspect of your publication to your advantage.  Now I’m sure the local shops, post offices, takeaways, hairdressers and newsagents will be more than happy to have a batch of magazines on a counter in their premiss and we have seen time and time again that buy building up relationships with these business owners you are more likely to gain advertisers because of your local reach.

Online Magazine Distribution
This as the newest way of getting your magazine out to the masses and can be the most targeted.  Social media comprises of a number of popular websites i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ to promote the presence of your magazine.  The aim of the game here is to get people ‘Engaged’ in your content, by that I mean speak about highlights in your publication, a recipe, a well written piece on the local area.  Let’s take Twitter if you have an active account you will be gaining followers that are interested in your subject matter, you will gain interaction by encouraging feedback, this has too effects the first increased readership and two larger exposure for your advertisers getting them larger bang for their buck.  Our free Ebook service is highly revered and provides a stable platform for us both to promote your magazine online.  See below for more information.

We offer help with all the above so if you need any further help or ideas then please feel free to drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.



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