Getting your magazine right first time

Getting your artwork right for printing is critical to getting a good printed result. Although we do go through pre press checks but once you have signed off the proof we can only print your magazine using the artwork guidelines.

So how do you get your magazine artwork right and what do you need to avoid having any headaches?

Rule #1 – Work out your page count first before starting on the design.
Always remember most printers work in page counts of either 4 or 8 as this is the way they plan-up  the work in order to print them economically. So if your content is on 30 pages you maybe better off loosing come content to meet 28 pages or up it to 32 pages.  You can always move up or down so it might be worth getting a price matrix from us if you produce a  regular publication we can then set a price structure for you to work to and hold the prices for a set period of time eliminating the variable production costs.

Rule #2 – Get your look and feel right for your target audience.
Now I’m sure you think you know your readers but have you thought what would attract their eye with appropriate branding and colours? If you are designing your magazine yourself the design package you are using can reduce your capability to produce a professional looking publication so make sure you can use the graphical design package to the best of its ability not yours.  Look Online for ideas and guides to help, there is loads out there!

For reference packages that the professionals use to publish a magazine include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In-design & Quark.  These packages are generally quiet expensive so make sure you invest in time to learn them either through courses or Online learning to get to know what you have purchased.  Packages like Microsoft Publisher and Apple I-Books are all great value for money.  But be warned these are built with a home user in mind and the results you can achieve may not end up being the same as the artwrok on the screen.  For example Publisher does not deal with CMYK (four colour) colours only RGB (three colour) processes so any four/full colour work you have printed that was created on Publisher will look different.

Rule #3 – Setup your artwork with bleed
Bleed is the print terminology used for the area of the printed sheet that has ink on over the edge of the final finished size. We normally ask for a 3mm bleed on all artwork submitted.  This will give you colour right up to the edge of your document and no borders.  Bleed is normally added when setting up the artwork


Rule #4 – Whats the difference between CMYK, Spot colours and RGB
When requesting a printing quote you make have either sent a copy of the artwork to quote on or been asked ‘How many colours are on the magazines?’.  Now as you may or may not know a full colour print job is made up of four main colours C – Cyan, M – Magenta, Y – Yellow & K- Key/Black.  Now if you supply your artwork as Spot or individual colours as well as photos this may incur further charges for artwork amends or your additional colours to be printed.

For reference Spot colours are usually referanced colors you need to be accurate throughout your magazine print i.e. Pantone colours. These are used to normally get logos and brand elements more accurate than a four colour process, but, they will incur added cost to your print job.  RGB, Red, Green, Blue is the primary light colours your computer uses to mix and create colours, all very good for monitor purpose but as most print processes are in four colour this will cause some variance in your magazines end colour results.  So where possible check the colour settings on your artwork and the program you are using make sure they are set to CMYK.

Rule #5 – Work out the magazine timeline backwards from when you need to take delivery
We often see  artwork being sent to us once a quote has been accepted without prior conversations on turnaround times.  Sadly we do not just push a magic green button and your magazine pops out the other end. The print process involves a number of mechanical processes that sadly although quick the laws of physics apply to the drying of ink.  So lets work together to produce your magazine on-time.  Prior planning with us enable us to not rush processes and make sure all the right care and attention is put into getting it right opposed to getting it out the door in time.  As a guide if you plan for 5 working days turnaround from proof approval to receive your publication you will not go far wrong, but always ask prior to artwork submission.

If you would like any more help with how to get your magazine right first time then drop the team a call.  Always happy to help.

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