Environmental Considerations and Agenda

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Always a good conversation point for any printer. Environmental considerations for your magazine should include paper choice, types of ink used and environmental accreditations of your printer.  Your magazine may be and environmental or local voice so it may be wise to look at recycled papers to show your mentality to the environment around you.

But, be aware all recycled papers are not created equal and a lot use bleaches to make them  white which are harmful to the environment.  You may not know but we cannot buy paper stocks that are not farmed from sustainable trees.  This means that all trees cut down for paper use are grown or farmed for that’s specific purpose and are not damaging the environment.

Quick fact for you, most paper we use is made in Scandinavia from trees grown there.

We hold the ISO14001 accreditation which in environmental standards is the foundation to being aware of your business activities and the environment that we impact by existing.  In fact it’s so comprehensive we even have to offer out suppliers hints and tips on how they should drive their vehicles to highlight their environmental impacts.

As you can see we try to look after our impact and the future looks bright.  We are always looking to improve our processes buying the latest machinery and using the latest materials available to lessen our impact.

So rest assured with Magazineprintquote.co.uk and CBF we are always looking to improve! So all feedback is appreciated, together we can make a difference.


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