Cheap magazine printing – That depends on your perspective.

As the phrase goes, we know that you buy cheap, you buy twice.  But as with all things there are cheaper ways to get cheaper magazine printing so what are your options?

1. Check your finishes.  Do you really need those laminated covers? or spot UV on certain sections throughout your magazine?  What about that foil blocking on your logo, does it really separate you apart from the rest of the magazines you are competing against?  Now i’m not saying that these processes will not attract readers but when it comes to cost and production timelines all additional printing finishes will cost you time and money.

2. Thoughts on your chosen paper stocks.  No matter the finish you are after your silk, Matt, gloss and uncoated papers or boards will be bought by us from negotiated supply chains. Have you thought about asking for alternatives to your preferred paperstock? There is normally different manufacturers of your paperweight and finish so let’s find something that fits budget and the style you are after.

3. Its all in the delivery. Your magazine can be delivered in so many ways. Courier, one of our vans, palletised service or maybe even collected by you from us directly. Have you thought about how we can help you pack your magazines to help with your distribution? Boxed in certain numbers or loaded onto certain size pallets we can deal with it all.  You may even want us to bundle your magazines into elastic banded batches. No problem, just ask. getting your magazine back to you or your distribution channels is one thing but if you have the boxes packed and labled correctly how much time and money does that save…

4. Printing colours. Thought about black only?  The printing process is simple the more plates an ink you need to put down on paper the more it will cost you. So with that in mind a single colour black only page will be cheaper to produce than a full colour one.  Does your magazine have to by full colour throughout? Can certain sections be in black only? This will save you in the pocket and if designed properly will not debase your publications look and feel.

5. Cheap Magazine marketing? It’s all very well getting your magazine printed but how do you promote its presence? In today’s publishing age the internet is not your enemy and can if used properly gain additional readers through social media which will increase your readership figures, expose your advertisers and content contributors.  Think twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, google+ and content related forum towards your subject matter.  Make yourself the knowledge for your subject matter, be the voice they turn to for Information and news. all these routes are free to use it’s just the time it takes to learn them effectively to benefit you and your magazine without cheapening your effect.

We are specialist magazine printers and we pride ourselves on giving you the best product delivered to your door within budget and your timelines.  Buying your magazine with a cheap mentality doesn’t need to cost you with the end product quality and finish.  We can help.

Why not fill in one of our Enquiry Forms or pick up the phone today to see how cheap magazine printing can help you produce and market your publication right first time.

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If you are looking for help, just enter 'Suggestions please'


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