Advertisers, How do you pick the right magazine?

As a producer of magazines it is a very different prospective for us to look at a publication from the advertisers prospective but interestingly we share the same values of, establishment, financial stability and reach into the specific target market they are trying to reach. The first two are obvious to any businessman as ultimately we want our customers to pay they bills and keep producing magazines with us forever more but the latter gives you and I the structure that reenforces their brand as a respected magazine and giving you the right exposure for your advertising.

Now I’m sure you know your industry better than most but all advertisers want the best ROI (return on investment) from all their marketing efforts. Now depending on your ultimate advertising goal there are two main forms of advertising, the first is brand advertising, by which I mean you re just reinforcing your business/product brand with your target audience just to highlight you are still alive and trying to create desire for your products or services. This is the more expensive route and only generally applicable to larger businesses where the general populous in your target demographic are fully aware of your business. The second is direct advertising, this quiet simply is you trying to get engagement from the readers of your advertisement through the attraction of your product or special offer. As most advertisements have discounts, product or special offers as long as the artwork is ‘loud’ and blunt enough you will grab attention of the readers.

Thought about circulation and distribution? We see a lot of magazines that print thousands of copies each time they publish but how do they get them in front of your target audience? Whether it’s a local community magazine going through local doors or a national special interest magazine make sure you understand how and where your target audience are and if the magazine your paying to advertise in reaches them directly.

There is no set formula for the cost of an advertisement but as with the nature of all things, if you want to reach the higher classes, better areas or wealthier target audiences then you should expect to pay high rates to reach your target audience.

Be careful of being tied into a long term contract for your advertising. This will help the publisher and us for that matter but from your point of view, I would suggest trailing the advertisements for a 2/3 editions first before committing longer term. That way you can gauge the response and whether you are hitting the right audiences.

Finally think laterally about the right publication. Just because you sell a product that appeals to one set audience, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach them or others in other publications.

Don’t forget to negotiate your advertising rates, the advertising space is worth the rate card price more often than not. But most publishers will if pushed give you a discount to maintain your loyalty.
If you would like any further help with picking the right publication to advertise in, then, please drop us a call or an email. We would love to help point you in the right direction.

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