Magazine Packing

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How do you pack yours?

At we can pack your magazines in, Polybags, Envelopes, Polywraps on pallets and even in boxes in volumes of your choosing.

Box Packing
Treating each job as unique keeps us flexible and not stuck in rigid process like some magazine printers.  Our magazine fulfilment processes can be as simple as packing and labelling your magazine in boxes according to your distributor list so that each delivery has a set number for ease of distributing.

Envelope Packing/Stuffing
No matter the size of your magazine packing them in envelopes not only can be one of the easiest ways to transport your magazines to your readers.  Dont forget that packing into envelopes can also increase security of the magazines being transported and if required can be branded with your marketing message or just simply with your logos and postage information.

Polybagging & Poly Wrapping
Our Poly bagging and poly wrapping processes can involve inserting additional carrier sheets and leaflets with your magazine to make sure you get all the information out to your readers where necessary.  We can merge personalised data for the mailing of your magazine including address data, upsell and cross sell information using your database to promote your services and your advertisers services.

Some magazines we print only want to polybag or polywrap their publications as it stops them being viewed and read in-store.

Pallet packing
If you have the ability to accept palletised deliveries this is one of the most cost effective ways to receive your magazines.  We can either just shrink wrap your publications on a pallet for use normally in a mailing house or we can box your items up and then stack them securely on a pallet.

You may want your magazines packed in bundles of a certain amount.  We can count them off as they get machine finished and pack them the way you want for ease of distribution.

Magazine Mailing
Packing for magazine mailing depends on the mailing service you are submitting to.  We are fully experienced in packing for all Royal Mail packages including Advertising Mail, Mail Sort and Pressstream products.

We are always asked to pack our magazines in new and unique ways so do not be shy in coming to us with your ideal scenario.  So either pick up the phone and tell about what you need or fill in the fulfilment enquiry form below.

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