10 Magazine Mailing tips

The ultimate question we here all the time is…How much will the postage be on my magazine mailing?

As this is a bit of minefield and the parameters from the Royal Mail are constantly changing, here are 10 tips to help you get the best magazine mailing prices.

Make sure your data is clean and ready for all mailing processes

No matter how you are sending out your mailing, your data needs to be clean of all duplicates and oddity’s. You may end up saving yourself a lot of money by not sending the same recipient the same mailing multiple times. If you are sending your mailing using the Royal Mail’s Mail sort products then your data will have to be checked before posting, so make sure that you do this well in advance to give you time to make sure as many records as possible qualify.

Posting bands
 – Are you aware of your items finished weight?
The postage bands for your finished item not only include all inserts and envelope weights, but the width of the item now comes into play, which may increase your postage fee. Most post is under 5mm deep but be careful as if the item goes over 5mm then the rates soon start to build for each item.

Packing for postage

You may have heard the terms poly bags, Jiffy bags and bulk packing but are you aware of how each of these effect your postage costs on your magazine or publication? Ensure that you look at each option not only from a cost prospective but also a delivery point of view, as each one has technical packing restrictions and depending on how you want your magazine to land on doorsteps certain solutions may not suit.

Posting Service class, Economy postage options

There are lots of ways to send your magazine through the post, each with slightly different delivery timelines or restrictions on minimum sending volumes. You may hear phrases like ‘Mail Sort’ or ‘Advertising Mail’, but don’t be out off by them, they are Royal Mail products designed to get you discounts for your postage if you package your items in the right way and adhere to the correct Royal Mail processes.

Timeline planning

Depending on when you want your magazine to land on shelves or doorsteps you will need to work backwards and look at all mailing timelines associated with bulk shipping as well as the individual mailing fulfilment. Most Royal Mail services work around the 3 working day mark so this might be a good place to start. For the bulk mailing service most couriers operate on a next day service. Just remember that the cheaper the mailing service, the longer it will take to arrive as a general ruling.

Size of posted item
Royal Mail are highly aware of the size of packages you are posting now. Not only in length and width but depth too. The tighter you can package you magazine, the cheaper your postage may be.

Material/content – Advertising Mailing Qualification

Royal Mail’s ‘Advertising mail’ service gives the sender an additional option of sending their bulk dispatch with added discounts but generally at a lengthier timeframe. It is worth the additional timeline if you can plan your mailing piece correctly but be warned, Royal Mail inspect each mailing piece for qualification before allowing the mailing tariff to be used.

Colours of parcel sent – maintain consistency
If Coca Cola sent a parcel out we imagine it would be red and white. Give some thought to what your customers will think of your packaging. It maybe a clear poly bag, in which case your magazine cover will be prominent but think about the look of the carrier sheet, the fonts on the text and the colours used, does this reflect your magazine in the right light?

Think about timing of piece to drop
What day do you think your target audience will be more likely to positively react to your magazine or publication arriving on their doorstep? If you are giving weekly news then is it a round up if the week past? Or is it predicting the weeks events ahead. Forward planning of production process is essential.  Are there calendar and diary dates in your magazine? be sure  to take this into account, but also think about your advertiser, do they have a timed special offer? If so help make it successful or they won’t come back to re-advertise.

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