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As I’m sure you are aware by now we offer a free Magazine EBook for all publications we print. But what are the real tangibles for having your printed magazine or newsletter online and viewable for all to see?

Let’s take a case study of Carers of Gloucestershire, a local charity that helps carers across Gloucestershire get funding, aid with their caring abilities and generally make all carers lives a little easier day to day. They produce a publication,  the Caring Matters Magazine, distributed across the county bi-monthly. The magazine is distributed via a volunteer base and some through the Royal Mail to subscribers & now using our Magazine EBook offering. With added exposure online over the last few months we have helped bring hundreds of new views of the publication and helped the digital generation get in touch with the latest from the charity. The Charity’s main marketing tag line revolves around ‘Are you the 1 in 10?’ that is a carer in the UK but do not know what help is out there for you.

Alongside the internal promotion of the publication by Carers we also take it upon ourselves to get the publication out to the masses. At time of writing this, there are currently 5 versions of the publication on our Magazine EBook software and with a simple Google search of ‘Caring Matters Magazine’ I can see that all five versions of the publication are on the front page in Google out of 12.8 million results for all to see.

Where previously there was no reference to the publication online whatsoever. This coupled with our Social Media engagement we make sure that your publication is out there and being viewed by all the right people.

Suffice to say, this is only the start for Carers.  As the catalogue grows in editions, the strength online of presence and relevance to their subject matter will increase. We predict that the readership should increase though time as the keyword relevance grows online and so increasing the exposure of the good word of Carers Gloucestershire… Want to see the publication? Click here to see the Summer 2012 publication.

If you are looking for a printer that offers that little bit extra with our Magazine Ebooks and the support to produce your largest overhead and understand your business then we want to hear from you!  why not call us today to find out more?


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