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Want your Magazine, Brochure, Comic book, Graphical Novel or publication online for all to see? It will help you get a larger audience for your advertisers and your magazine will be out there for all to see.

We offer a Free e-book service for you to promote and share to your readership online.  No matter if you already have a similar function we will always promote you using ours as well just to give you an extra presence online.  We can even help you promote your publication using multiple social media channels.  We have seen upto 40% more readership than just printing alone, giving you access to a wider audience and your advertisers more opportunities to see (OTS) their advertisements.

  • Ebooks fully compatible with all systems including, Ipads, Iphones, Android devices & PCs
  • Static Links for you to link to directly from your website
  • Headers totally customised to your branding and colour schemes
  • Publication Biography and information section for you to give issue highlights & breakdowns
  • Previous edition back catalogue upload available
  • Interact with your readers more with feedback and comments on each magazine
  • Magazine Archive pages available to show all publications in one place

Oh look! Here’s a convenient example of one our Ebooks

As you will see each company can have their own personalised header and if they want, they can have a complete biography on the publication.  We can even allow comments from the online populous to help you get more interactive with people looking at your magazine/publication.

Would you like a private Ebook uploaded? no problem. We are able to upload any publication and make sure that it is not promoted. So for all you budding trainers out there wanting to put a resource online for certain people, (even password protected if needed) to help you with your offering and using the comments section visitors could leave notes for all to see then we can help or use our free ebook services to take advantage.

Not your average Magazine Printer… Talk to your Account Manager to find out more or call us directly on 01242 237652.




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