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So you want to put your publication online. There are a lot of free services out there that offer the same flipping book services for all your readers to view your magazine and give your advertisers the return on investment they have paid for.  No matter the size of your magazine or the page count you need to proactive in marketing to the world.  This will not only increase your reader figures but get engagement for your advertisers, but how do you get your latest edition to be read by the right audience?  The answer is simple – Social Media.  But the practice is a little more difficult.


Do you know which social media channels your online magazine should be seen on or even more critical where your readers hangout so you can talk to them directly?  We do.  Using a combination of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and organic listings through the social media channels we can talk to your audience directly and help build interest in your articles and advertisers.  No matter the frequency of your magazine we are a bolt on service that should be looked at as an additional boost to your own social media push.

We can schedule the materials to go out when you want them so when you have an event on in an area we can start talking your language to the right people.  The beauty about social media is that you can talk directly to the people in your area, the same sector and groups of people that would help your advertisers gain revenues.  The more people you can have shouting about your online presence the more exposure you have and the more OTS (Opportunities to see) your magazine there is.  Everyone’s a winner.

What are we offering?
Using the most popular social media channels we will promote your publication and schedule your magazine highlights so that we point your readers directly at the articles you want them to read.  As with all social media the collective power of followers is essential to drive traffic to read your magazine or the articles you want them to engage with.  No one offers the same branded pages and social media engagement as we do.

Why is it so cheap?
As with all things, economies of scale kick in the more we have to do the processing we can manage.  Rest assured we DO NOT automate your tweets or social engagement as we have learn’t that it’s imperative to be proactive with all re-tweets. shares and comments that come from all angles.  All automated services do by banging the social media drum is stop people from listening to your noise you are making. So interact with your readers engage with them but talk their language, help them with their problems and you will see your social media channels winning hearts and minds.

What do you need to do next?

1. Upload your eBook

2. Write your blurb about your latest edition

3. Add a header image if you want your page branded to you

4. Tell us about the way you want us to promote your magazine.

5. We will send you the links to your online magazine and together we can schedule how to tell everyone about your latest edition.


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