Magazine design

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Looking to get a magazine designed? Maybe you have a designer already or are doing it yourself? Let us help.  We have designers that know magazines and know how to maintain your magazine brand.  This as we all know needs to have one goal. To attract readers and make you advertisers get a return on […]

Magazine cover designer

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Want your magazine to stand out from the rest? Maybe you have run out of deign ideas or just want a new direction designed. Your cover is the first impression people get of your magazine, so make the most of the headlines and the content to entice your readers. We can help. Our design team […]

FREE MOT for your Magazine Artwork

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Have you designed your own artwork? Or maybe want to check your designs work before going to print? Have you ticked all the right boxes to make sure your magazine will be printed correctly? Have you been asked questions about print terminologies you don’t understand like; Bleed Crop marks Gutters CMYK and RGB If so, […]

Magazine cover design

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The first impression for any reader is your magazine front cover.  Times have changed over the years as fashions have and we think for the better, the age of the digital camera has made photography more accessible to the masses and untrained photo-graphical eyes can snap away without wasting film. This has lead to a culture shift and acceptability […]

What makes a good magazine design?

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Good magazine design can be the making of your publication.  Your target audience respond to your articles and imagery as much as the paper stock your magazine is printed on. This is not taking into account individual tastes as this is a very subjective view. Here is a few things that we like and we think makes […]

Designing your Magazine’s Look and Feel

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Design is a very personal thing.  It can be a statement or a means to attract a specific target audience.  Finding the right balance to make sure your personality comes out in your magazine design and attracting the right readers is a tough one. There is no right or wrong way to approach the subject […]

Magazine Design Quote

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Need help with your magazine design? Or maybe just laying up your text and images? Don’t worry if you do not know your bleed from your CMYK, or your Cutter Guides from your embedded fonts. We can help.   Our designers work with publishers of all sizes to create artwork ready for printing and prepared for […]