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Over the last 25 years CBF as a print group has been lucky enough to be able to work with some of the biggest and most dynamic magazine producers around, and while they all look to use us for certain printing functions.  We have also managed to spot gaps in the magazine market where both the magazine publisher and we can both benefit.

Hopefully by now you know that we print magazines by the pallet load! all shapes and sizes, all quantities small or large and no matter where you are we will get it delivered, mailed and fulfilled the way you want it.  But what makes us different as a magazine printing company is our ability to work with our customers to promote your publications to the masses no matter how small your target audience.  The way we figure it, without your success we have none.

Now we both know that searching for information on the internet is getting pretty popular these days and especially where local geographical searches are concerned, this is only set to grow as more people have access to internet ready devices, phones, tablets, media centres etc.  Now how can this help your magazine printing I hear you ask.  Well you may have a website and you may have an online edition of your magazine but do you know how to promote it? and what is involved in how to get your magazine out to all social media channels.  Well fret not, if you don’t or you do not know why you should even entertain online promotion of your printed magazine.

Fact: On average 40% more people will read your publication with our EBooks.

Let me explain, our Free EBook Services provide either a stand alone online version of your magazine or a complimentary offering to your existing service.  Each of our EBook magazines are complimented with branded pages so your readers know who you are and what your publication is about.  We promote these magazine pages online to your agreed target audiences increasing your exposure in real time to Twitter, Facebook & Google+  but we also find our EBooks croping up in all kinds of places on organic Google searches, directories and other websites.

Couple that with the latest digital, litho printing presses and ISO processes we can print your magazines on time within budgets and get it out to the masses on time every time nationwide.


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