Personalised Magazine Printing

Personalised Magazine Printing

We can personalise it all!  Your magazine from cover to cover can be personalised to the reader if you wish.  We can take your data and make sure the right wording be it paragraphs, or just words can be entered in and pre formatted so the your reader gets a unique experience.

What a great technology! Just take a moment to look at the upsell and cross selling opportunities for your advertisers. Once your user data is cleaned and ready to go each magazine can be a completely different experience with different results that you want to point at them.

Using both printing technologies (Digital and Lithographic) your personalised magazine production can be cost effective and can be turned around in reasonable timelines.

We have seen A4, A5 and A6 personalised versions with various print finishes including silks, glosses and uncoated paper stocks working well in all cases.  As a note the additional production processes will be slightly more expensive than a standard publication but the benefits are easy to sell to an advertiser.  Your could even sell personalised space to half your magazines and have another advertiser in the other half.  Don’t forget the use of personalised domain names, in your personalised magazine you or your advertiser can test reactions to adverts directly by measuring results. Voucher codes, bar codes and QR codes, the options are endless with a personalised magazine.

Lets take a scenario of a car maker.  Mr customer walks in and purchases a car from our car maker and signs up to their mailing list.  Using the data the car maker has they can personalise a magazine with the exact options in the images and text to up sell and cross sell to the reader.  The car maker knows what service intervals the car needs and can offer packages to entice the customer back as much as possible.  The other options for the car maker include selling advertising space in their communication to personalise their magazine with data directly link from third parties. Doesn’t that sound appealing.

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