Increased Readership

A magazine on or offline is nothing without readers.  So where do you get your from?

Remembering that the internet is a huge haystack you want to be able to put out good content to the world that related to your subject matter and creates conversation and knowledge for all to pass on to their friends, family and colleagues though social media channels.  But how do you make sure that you put the proverbial ‘needle’ right in front of them?

The answer is simple to say in one word ‘relevance’ but in practice to be truly relevant to your readership your online magazine needs to be have news and views on the latest information within your subject matter, it needs to be updated constantly and you need to be sharing your content with all channels (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and many others).  We see lots of writers of blogs and content and most gain readers by tirelessly plugging away and working themselves to the bone to get recognised.

Have you thought about what you are trying to do with your readers?  Do you need them to engage with your writing, comment on your subject?  or maybe you want them to sign up to your newsletters.

How are you looking to make money from your online magazine? You lucky people have one of the best jobs int he world but it is a tireless world that doesn’t sleep. There are a number of ways to generate revenue streams from your readership but all require process and sales funnels to make sure you get people engaging.  The first is through banner adverts selling space to entice your readership to click is a common past time and can produce good results for you and your advertisers but be warned a lot of click-throughs are required to make an income stream most are looking for so its down to you to get the readers to the site in the first place