Online Magazine Revenue

Online Magazine Revenue

Helping you to earn untold riches from your website is not impossible but it does take smart amounts of work.  We have learn’t over the years that relating to your audience is a paramount link to the revenues coming back from your online magazine but how can you convert your loyal readers and followers into money in the bank?

The beauty of your online magazine is the amount of varied information that you can put in-front of your readers.  What you don’t appreciate is that your audience are reading your magazine articles because they are ‘looking’ for the information on your website. So the longer you can keep them coming back the more you will be seen as ‘the knowledge’ for your subject matter.  This will build up trust and ultimately your word will be gospel which means you can recommend sources for goods and services to purchase, all earning you revenue.

Our online magazines use your content and our content feeds to give you unlimited volumes of knowledge about your sector helping you win reader traffic. With access to all:

  • Newsletter advertising
  • Banner advertising 
  • Affiliate partnerships
  • Advertorial content
  • Social media audience building

We are able to help your online magazine grow from an existing base as well as from a standing start.  We work with all industry sectors and have success in reader engagement at all levels so whatever your position we would love to hear from you.

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