As a magazine publisher your online magazine needs to be accessible by everyone, on all formats at anytime.  So that’s exactly what we have built. Our online magazines can be seen on all Android, Apple and Microsoft devices, hand held or desktop.

The mass appeal for information at your fingertips is amazing to watch through statistics, and the growing trend of smart mobile devices for information sourcing means that your online magazine is moving with the times and has a great foundation for future growth.  Ultimately your online magazine needs to fulfil two goals 1. Maximise readership potential to get your articles and products out to the right interested people and 2. Generate revenue streams by exposing advertisers and increasing throughput of readers to travel your sales funnel for all affiliate processes and making you revenues from all devices no matter the location.

All our online magazines are built using a WordPress platform which not only give you infinite scale ability but also is updated constantly to make sure your magazine works on all formats.   We are also very mindful of the way each device viewing your online magazine is all important for the reader experience.  Obviously a smart phone screen is a lot smaller so your magazine needs to scale all content correctly but engage your readers correctly, share your content with their social media channels and finger crossed purchase from your advertisers or affiliates.

If you need any further help with how to display your content correctly on your online magazine we want to hear from you.  Even if it is for help on how to scale images correctly or display text/  Why not give us a call today or fill in one of our enquiry forms.