Music Business Worldwide.


Music Business Worldwide came to us with the task of printing their publication. However, assembling a good design isn’t easy.

They’ve implemented many characteristics of a good design. And, we wanted to discuss a few.

The first thing that stands out to us is their consistency. It’s something they excel at.

Every page revolves around a formula they have created. Orange titles and quotes to match their logo colour scheme, consistent fonts, black text and an image or two on each page. You can guarantee that this is followed throughout the book. This consistency enables them to create a brand that is recognisable. You see the colours, the layout and you associate it with the Music Business Worldwide.

Likewise, they use text grid very effectively. It enables the user to distinguish between different information effectively. It brings an abundance of visual hierarchy to the pages and enhances the visual balance of each page.

To amplify their design even further, they’ve carefully chosen a specific finish. The designer has methodically thought about how the overall design will look one it’s been printed. Not by itself in a digital format.

There are many more aspects that we could discuss, but those are the few that we’ve recognised as an effective piece of design.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on their publication.