Page Layout

How are you planning your page layout for your magazine?  Do you worked on it in a structured manor with page plans formally agreed with your designers balancing advertisement space, content flow and taking all branding into account?  Or do you start at the beginning and work progressively page by page trying to fit everything in?

You should be planning ahead, giving space for preferential advertisers and making sure your content flows correctly.  Talk to us when you want help at any stage:

  • Artwork layout planning
  • Content flow
  • Image setting
  • Advertisement layout and setup

We talk the language of page margins, branding and magazine flow for your readers.  There is no exact science when it comes to page layout as your content needs to presented to your readers in the style you and your audience relate to.

Our designers know what to do when it comes to starting with a blank piece of paper.  So when it comes to designing your magazine talk to us about amounts of pages to fill and the layout you are looking to achieve.

Where to start with your page layout I hear you ask? Luckily that’s the easy bit.  Why not pick up the phone today to see how we can help design your magazine and getting the page layout right first time.  Or you can fill in one of our enquiry forms to get the ball rolling.