Magazine Branding

Your magazine brand is the reason people recognise, pick up and relate to you and your subject matter.  Don’t just think about logos, colour and fonts being your brand, but the impression of your imagery in your magazine and the tone of voice for your content. This combined will make your magazines brand distinctive and keep your readers engaging with your advertisers.

We have been designing creating magazine artwork for years and throughout all market sectors from local community and parish magazines to hobby and lifestyle publications.  We have designed and have the pleasure of laying out them all.  Designing magazines for both online and print mediums we are used to talking both languages, we understand the two are very different

Now of course we can work with your brand that you have established to help design your latest edition but we can also add some design flair and input some brand features to help your readers engage with you and your magazine.  Your brand should be the reason you make money with each edition, so lest work on it together to make good magazines great!

As with all things money is the issue for most, but you are in luck.  Our designers are all dedicated to you and are fully trained at working fast with your brief.  We can fix costs and on average we work out over half the price of any design agency in the land.

Where to start I hear you ask.  Well let’s keep this simple.  Why not pick up the phone and we can talk about your magazine branding goals.  Or if you prefer fill in one of our enquiry forms and we can come back to you with all the answers.