London Lux


London Lux gave us the fantastic opportunity of being able to print their publication. They focus on being the home of luxury and the finer things in life.

But we’re here to talk about its design.

Often the smaller details are overlooked from a design point of view, but the details are what makes something an exceptional piece of work. This is definitely the case with London Lux.

To start off with, this piece has beautiful foiling, which adds great detail. It creates a nice contrast and texture between the background image amongst the other colour schemes on the front cover. The gold foil blocking suits the sophistication of which the magazine is trying to get across.

Not mention their use of white space. they’ve kept it simplistic. Their layout allows for the reader to absorb the content more successfully. Underlooking this important factor can often make a page layout higgledy-piggledy. But, luckily white space is in abundance in this magazine and they use it incredibly well.

Another thing to touch on is how all of their images are of the same tone. Often, it is difficult to make images all the same, especially when they all have something different going on. But the designers who have created London Lux have managed to colour correct all of their images so they match perfectly. It proves that they’re one for consistency.

This magazine has some fantastic details when it comes to their design but, is there anything you particularly enjoyed about London Lux’s October 2017 issue?

Let us know.