Gloucester Rugby – @Holm Magazine

Gloucester Rugby Club – @Holm Magazine

Once in a while, a perfect customer arrives at your door.  Gloucester Rugby is definitely such client.

Coming to us with an initial brief to design, print and distribute a high-end magazine for their 1873 clients.  We were asked to come up with a publication name, the brand concept and an idea of print spec to give a quality feel but also to relate to the target audience.

Our designers came up with a number of names and concepts all within the tight timelines and once agreed we set about setting up Gloucester Rugby Club with a workflow to upload their images and articles all alongside an online page plan process. Working in shifts our designers turned the whole design layout around in 7 working days and have become quite slick at the process. 

At over 80 pages this publication creatively was a lot of work.  Each article meticulously laid out and section branding established. We have produced a selection of magazines to be proud of.

We were tasked with working with Smiths distribution to distribute the publications to local and national retail stores and have never missed a distribution deadline.

We are very proud of the @Holm Magazine and as a case study this shows our dedication to publishers and magazines everywhere.  We will always go to every length possible to get the job done.

Thank you all at Gloucester Rugby. We looking forward to working with you again.