Magazine Subscriber Distribution & Mailing

Magazine Subscriber Distribution & Mailing

Do you sell subscriptions/memberships for your magazine?  How are you managing them at present?

Let’s keep this simple, We can print, pack and send out your magazine to your subscribers with set costs and help with all the mailing data preparation you could ever need.

  • Print your magazine
  • Personalise your Carrier sheet/Envelopes/Polybags
  • Submit your magazines to Royal Mail or your choice carrier
  • Automating your subscriptions

Send us your subscriber mailing data, we can personalise the envelopes, poly wrap or carrier sheets for the Royal Mail to send it out.  We are used to producing difference carrier sheets and outers to magazine for different subscribers for advertisers and end of subscriptions.  Talk to us if we can help with any ideas.

We can also machine and hand enclose leaflets or marketing materials for your magazines.   This can provide a valuable income to you the publisher as advertisers will want to speak directly to your magazine subscribers.

Once packed ready for distribution we can send your magazine out to your subscribers using your postage account or using our own to help get you those postage discounts you are after.  We can speak the language of Mail Sort and Packet Post for those Royal Mail tariffs you want to use and jump through the hoops for.

You may be sending out your magazine to your subscribers already.  We pride ourselves on efficient service and great pricing so talk to us about what you are trying to achieve now and where you feel you can improve the delivery.  We will listen learn and implement to make your magazine subscribers happy.

Want to know more about sending out magazines to your subscribers? We would love to hear from you.  Either drop us a call or fill in one of our enquiry forms, see you soon.