Magazine Packing

Once printed, how do you want your magazines packed and ready for shipping or distributing? We have learn’t that all magazines are different any every job needs packing in different ways.  NO matter the quantity we can pack and even crossdock your magazines so that it get to its final destination looking great and in the right order.

So, what are you after?

  • Automated Poly Bagging/Poly wrapping
  • Automated and hand envelope enclosing
  • Personalised Carrier Sheets printed
  • Specific box counts for distributors
  • Elastic banding in batches for easier distribution
  • Bulk packed on Pallets
  • Packed for Royal Mail Door to Door distribution
  • & we can save money on your existing magazine packing processes too. Call us to find out how.

Packing for Magazine Mailings
Packing your magazine for mailing out to your subscribers or distribution can be very simple. But take a moment to think about how your magazine is presented through letterboxes, we can help with your carrier sheet designs and production.  The type of poly used for enclosing your magazine the colours of your brand and the reflection of your images to the carrier.  We have seen magazines from all walks of life from parish newsletters to monthly lifestyle magazines. Each one has a different target audience.  Do you understand yours?

Have you thought about packing your magazines in envelopes? Vs Poly bagging/Poly Wrapping this is more expensive but we are seeing trends towards more publishers preferring to send their magazines enclosed in a printed envelope.

Packing your magazines for distributors
Depending on your method of distribution your magazines need to packed for the individual sending them out.  We can help.  Elastic banding and boxing your magazines in specific numbers is possible, we can work from your spreadsheet data to make sure each distributor gets the right amount correctly labelled and ready for dropping through doors.

We understand that some distributors cannot carry heavy boxes so when instructed we can make the boxes smaller or lighter to help the cause.

From our perspective packing your magazine is all about communication, to your customers so they can see  your product and the advertisers and also communication to the distribution channels by labelling the cartons for easier transit and allocation to the right location.

Want to know more about our magazine packing options? We would love to hear from you. Why not fill in one of our enquiry forms or pick up the phone and call us today.