Case Study: Cotswold Delights


Voucher books a thing of the past? In this case definitely not.   Cotswold Delights came to us a few weeks ago to request a complex job for them.

By creating a luxury county-wide voucher book created from creative design and high-end materials all finished off with a rather cheeky but charming foil owl character to over see your Cotswold Delights journey.

With each section dedicated to areas, you are able to plan a journey to an area and use the books best assets, its vouchers with all the businesses that have supported this startup. Totalling an amazing £4000 of savings in this little but mighty publication we are proud of the hard work put in by the publishers, designers and out print team.

This book does have a price tag attached but it’s well worth the investment.  Standing at 200 pages this silk covered beauty will be at home on any coffee table as it would be a worth gift idea for the most difficult of relatives.

If you’re looking for a bargain try promo code: DELIGHTS50 on their website. You may get a surprise that will not only help your bank balance but every book purchased donates a £1.00 to charity Young Gloucestershire and their great causes!

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